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Features of TailoBill

Stock Tracking

TailoBill understands the importance of your investment; it keeps eagle eye on purchase and sale of your sellable items, maintain detail stock summary and also help you track the regular consumption of your consumable items against each stitching order.

Smartest Ever - Order Tracker

Stay Relaxed and Interactive with Customers – because order tracking and management is no more your problem – Tailobill won’t let any order to slip out of your mind. Each and every order and its status are just @ a distance of a click.

User Friendly Design

Simplicity is the key attribute of Tailobill, its Process definition is so easy that it doesn’t even require computer literacy. User interface design is an example of ultimate engineering and understanding of your business standards.

Most Reliable Process

It is designed and developed around the wire frame of actual tailoring processes, its reliability is an example of our strong analysis and research to develop unique and very challenging application for Tailoring and boutique shops.

Clients say

Benefit Scale

Maximise Profit

"Time is money ", " Losses cost money " and "potentially your reputation", " Extraneous supplies cost money", " Operational inefficiencies cost money", " Inaccurate surcharges cost money". All of these factors may be chipping away at your bottom line. Our customers have reported anywhere from a 15 - 20 % increase in profits after using our products. We’ll tell you where these cost cuts and increases are coming from.

Time Effeciency

TailoBill computerizes a majority of processes that would have been performed manually otherwise and also makes it extremely easy to trace orders, track the status of work-in-progress inventory, employee progress and efficiency, and manage your sales items stock. TailoBill can manage your work process by setting priorities to your workload, so that you can allocate tasks in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

why choose TailoBill

  • First ever dynamic application for Tailors.
  • It better understands your business process.
  • Appreciated by almost All users.
  • Dedicated service support team, to assist you.
  • We can customize it as per your ideas.

Social Scale

Amazing Facts

TailoBill is designed to facilitate easy and reliable flow of management process for EVERY Tailor shop owner, regardless of how complex your business process is.
In the retail industry, two of greatest obstacles business owners must overcome are barriers to exercising strong inventory control and tight cash control. Oftentimes, it is not a lack of management skills that makes this hurdle more difficult, but rather, a condition that can be accredited to a lack of the proper tools and technology.
With TailoBill, You can view real-time details and indicating statistics of your business status including growth and efficiency, monitor activities, To name a few, these include the current volume of sales, payment statuses, financial reports, cash flows, Ready Orders Till Date, WorkLoad Analysis, Delayed Orders, Delivered & Undelivered Articles, Expenses and Payment Tracking and Loan A/c of each worker.

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