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TailoBill is designed to facilitate easy and reliable flow of management process for EVERY Tailor shop owner, regardless of how complex your business process is.

In the retail industry, two of greatest obstacles business owners must overcome are barriers to exercising strong inventory control and tight cash control. Oftentimes, it is not a lack of management skills that makes this hurdle more difficult, but rather, a condition that can be accredited to a lack of the proper tools and technology.

With TailoBill, You can view real-time details and indicating statistics of your business status including growth and efficiency, monitor activities, To name a few, these include the current volume of sales, payment statuses, financial reports, cash flows, Ready Orders Till Date, WorkLoad Analysis, Delayed Orders, Delivered & Undelivered Articles, Expenses and Payment Tracking and Loan A/c of each worker.

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  • Kalpesh Savla

    Zoop Fashion, Mumbai

    “I was using a custom made software for my shop since 15yrs, it was really difficult for me to trust Tailobill in the beginning, but it has got much more functions than my custom developed software. I have replaced my old software with TailoBill !!”

  • Mr. Kanti

    Manav Design Studio, Mulund

    “Initially it was bit difficult to settle down, but later it turned very easy and user friendly software. I'm very much happy to have a single software for my retail section and tailoring section together. Besides this, their Quality of service is mind blowing. ”

  • Mr. Faizan

    Genius Mens Wear, Pune

    “I have tried many times to get a perfect software, but disappointed always, but TailoBill is truly dynamic that changed my firm belief that a perfect Tailoring software is not at all possible.”

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We are proud to have delivered powerful management solutions to over 50 well known Tailoring businesses in and around Mumbai. Most of all,
we value the lasting impact that we have created for our clients and the value we can create for your business with tools that have been proven to render highly efficient operations, a greatly facilitated management process, increased oversight, minimized risk, and maximized profits.