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Hybrid Order Tracking

Order tracking, timely deliveries, Zero error fitting, worker's efficiency, Don't worry!! TailoBill has a very crisp order tracking & notification system.

Multiple users

Its a multi user system. Sales Counter, M2M Counter, Delivery & Trial Counter, Alteration Desk, Workshop & Admin access. Its more than a Software and a bit less than an ERP.

Business Black Box

Your computer will become too precious that ever before, it ll be a black box of your business which do understand importance of your business for you.

Access Rights

Don't keep your business secrets unlock for everyone, have access right control over each user you create, track individuals activity at a comfortable couch

Cash Tracking

Tight Cash tracking is the basic need of any business, now it is here for tailors too. Each n Every penny can be tracked if you want. Its so clear and so accurate.

PaperLess Tailoring

Paperless management of a tailoring shop was a myth, but now its fact and reality. Come and be a part of TechRevol - Technical Revolution of Tailoring World.

Perfect Solution

Its process is designed in a way, that can resolve your unaccountable reasons to avoid technical dependency. Lots of tailors have already chosen it, and many more are still looking for it.

Reliable Operation

It is an example of ultimate engineering, accurate analysis and flawless understanding of Tailoring Business Needs.

Function features

Complication level

Anybody can learn and operate this application after a short training session, It is undoubtedly easy than maintaing paper bills & order books. It reduces almost 65% of your routine workload by eliminating all self repeating processes. TailoBill is all about enhancing the efficiency of your operations.

Customer Appreciation

we value the lasting impact that we have created for our clients and the value we can create for your business with tools that have been proven to render highly efficient operations, a greatly facilitated management process, increased oversight, minimized risk, and maximized profits.

Maximize Your Profit

Time is money. Losses cost money and potentially your reputation. Extraneous supplies cost money. Operational inefficiencies cost money. Inaccurate surcharges cost money. All of these factors may be chipping away at your bottom line.
Our customers have reported anywhere from a 15 - 20 % increase in profits after using our products. We’ll tell you where these cost cuts and increases are coming from:

TailoBill offers an extremely safe inventory control and total inventory traceability to prevent losses, cash control to prevent theft, and the ability to diagnose when, where, and under whose supervision cash deficits have occurred. All of TailoBill’s security functions will increase employee productivity while creating a business environment of transparent and efficient operations.

TailoBill’s unique order tracking functions achieve a level of depth and precision that no other product can provide. This is an asset that will prevent your employees from making incorrect, over generalized or undervalued surcharges that do not align with your expenses.


TailoBill keeps each and every transaction within your reach and most importantly safe and secure, You don"t need to worry about maintaining account books / ledgers. TailoBill computerizes a majority of processes that would have been performed manually otherwise and also makes it extremely easy to trace orders, track the status of work-in-progress inventory, employee progress and efficiency, and manage your sales items stock.
It doesn't just shop measurement but also stores preferred style patterns, measurement narrations, Style Narrations for individual item of each customer. It also shows you the date of measurement and last update date of it. Measurement book is ultimately unique and user friendly.
Order tracking wasn't this much easy ever, now you can track each and every article of any order at its stage of completion. Pending, In-process, Ready For Trail, Ready for Delivery, Delivered. TailoBill’s unique order tracking functions achieve a level of depth and precision that no other product can provide.
Now, Deliver perfect outfits with N number of re-Trials, TailoBill will keep all re-Trails dates in records and will keep you notifying for each re-Trail date and schedule.